Sunday, 16 October 2011

Geffrye Museum, London

We went to the Geffrye Museum in London, it had been kindly suggested by another home educating family on the Yahoo List as a good place to visit for our Georgian period project.

The building is beautiful and built at the beginning of the Georgian period.

 Inside the museum are various 'rooms' set up as they would be in different eras. We felt spoiled as three of them were Georgian and there were lots of things to look at.
 N's favourite Georgian chair.
 copies of Georgian period newspapers
 We had a lovely time at the museum and I would thoroughly recommend it to any history loving family.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Getting back into the swing of it...

Okay, we have been away in Devon, we came home and we had a glorious week of summer-esque weather, but there comes a time when we have to slip back into our schedule!

We are still working through our Georgian project, yesterday was an excellent opportunity to discuss the voyage of the Beagle. Any excuse to talk about Charles Darwin and i'll take it! Next week is Dr Edward Jenner.
These are the things I love about home education, the freedom to play, make or learn about whatever we choose. Helping N to understand how clever and inspirational people throughout history have helped change the world is very important to me.

I am loving Education City ( at the moment. Yesterday we were identifying Protagonists and Antagonists within stories. This morning we discussed it again in the context of some of N's favourite shows. After a quick reminder of the definitions of protagonists and antagonists she could quickly identify both (with good arguments to back up her opinion if challenged!) N loves watching television and I don't discourage it. In fact when she was diagnosed with Aspergers, they commented that it had most probably helped her a great deal.

Glorious October Sunshine

We have been busy enjoying the glorious sunshine that we have been so lucky to have. Picnics, water fights, conker hunting, every opportunity to be outside we have taken.

 We even put up the pool in the garden (for the first time this year!), N had great fun with her friend all weekend cooling off in that.
Here is a good example of what happens if you dare to relax on a sun lounger in our garden.......