Thursday, 29 July 2010

The Jungle Book Concert

Today was the final day of N's music course which meant that there was a show to go and watch.
It was amazing, last year was good but this was even better.
N was playing the drum in the first section - Old Macdonald had a Jungle, unfortunately the drums were in the corner so she was almost out of sight.
I shed a tear at the first three songs the choir sang, they were lovely the different harmonies they were singing. Unfortunately N being quite tall was in the back row, not quite tall enough for me to see at that point though!!
When it came to the recorder section she was right in the front row. Great.
When they sang the first two songs from Jungle Book, N was still on the back row, but hanging off the end so i had a prime view.
I really enjoyed the Jungle Scene they did making the different sounds of a rainforest - quite apt for our project at home!!!
Last of all the Bare Necessities, N was back hanging off the back row so I could watch her sing.
Proud mum.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

The Filthy Exploits of Walking a Labrador

  • Last night we were walking Pepper around the meadow and all of a sudden she runs off 200m away and starts rolling on the ground. I quickly assume she has found some fox poo to roll in. On close inspection I find its a dead vole, she has rolled on that over and over until its squashed flat, I wouldn't mind but how can she smell that 200m away when she can lose her own ball in long grass in front of her nose??
  • After dropping N at the music course this morning I take Pepper to the park, as usual on the way she stops for a poo - my bag falls in it.
  • Pepper is playing with her ball at the park and a Jack Russell runs over and wees on it, Pepper and I stare at each other wondering which of us is going to have to pick that up. Its me.

Monday, 26 July 2010

Busy Busy Busy!!!

Friday morning we made the butterfly jigsaw cake with the mould I got from Lakeland, it turned out really well. It was our first try with a silicon mould and I am very pleased with how easy it was. Of course N didn't want to waste time icing it - just tuck straight in.
Friday afternoon N went off to her friends to play and I met up with my friend and her kiddywinks at a village park. We had a very nice afternoon talking about our kids and about which books we had read recently.
Saturday morning we were supposed to be off to Grandma's but N was still asleep at 10.00am (she had stayed up until midnight reading her library book), I woke her up and we set off for the Forest.

N played with my cousin's daughter.

Grandma dressed up Pepper, but N getting in on the photo makes her look guilty!!
Saturday night we were at a party next door. I came home with the dog at about 9.45pm and left N there singing along to Singstar until midnight - 2 late nights in a row!!!
Sunday morning and we were off to the car boot (i had a bit of a hangover!). N got a battered skate board and I managed to grab a bargain dvd rack for her wall and a grow your own crystals set for her to do. We came home and read our books we were halfway through. She finished The Illustrated Mum and I finished The Girl With The Glass Feet.
I started reading Evermore last night and really enjoyed it so I finished it this morning!! N has gone on a 4 day music course, the show being on Thursday, so I am looking forward to that!

Friday, 23 July 2010

Streetdance Performance and the Chewmeister General

It was N's streetdance performance today and we popped into town beforehand to get a few jobs done. We took a couple of N's library books back and got some more and I noticed stuff for the Summer Reading Challenge on the counter - I had totally forgotten about it, we signed up for that. N usually completes it in about 3 weeks! I finally met N's Ne streetdance teacher. When she told me he used to go to Pineapple Dance Studios, I thought, yeah he is just telling them that to impress them- now I've met him I'm fairly sure its true. They did their performance which was very sweet, but there is one thing that has been bugging me. Since the girl left and this male dance teacher took over the songs being used have definitely changed. Can choreographed dance to songs from Grease be classed as streetdance??

Why has my 6 month old dog decided to become very naughty? She has always been a chewmeister and here is a photo of what I can expect to find in the living room when I wake up.

But she has only ever chewed her own toys and the doormats. So far this week she has chewed and ruined -
a white board rubber - good ones cost about a fiver
a pencil
a plastic stencil
the spider N crafted
a plastic dolls brush
and the week isn't over yet. Last night at the park Pepper managed to make a beeline for 20 youths sat around eating McDonalds, she wouldn't come back to me (that hasn't really happened before) she normally comes back. Oh no there were far too many food opportunities over in that crowd. Please ground swallow me up.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

I finshed another book and N's off to a party

I finished 'The Help' today, it is such a good book, it just hurts to read it. I was wiping my eyes with a tissue and N asked me;
"Whats wrong Mummy"
"Ummm I'm just wiping away a tear" (shes used to that I cry at everything!)
"Why, is it The Help?"
N asked me what the book was about and I explained the plot and that it was set in the 1960's around the time Daddy was born.
N was genuinely shocked that people were being treated in this way in such recent times; and I think that is what hurts the most about this story. It is fiction but based on things that were really happening in Mississippi. I explained to N that there were probably still people being treated this way in other countries around the world at this moment.

We cheered ourselves up by getting ready for N's friend's 10th birthday party. I dropped N off and picked her up later on. N said that it was the best party she has ever been to! What a shame then that what followed was about an hour of crying and shouting that her bedroom isn't big enough and it is not fair!! mmmm I think I've heard that one before. (basically every time she goes to someones house and admires their big bedroom!) My answer is always - be grateful for what you have, if you always want more you will never be happy. My friend had mentioned that they had all eaten too much chocolate! N was obviously coming down from the sugar rush. Lets hope tomorrow will be more successful. We have the Streetdance show to look forward to.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Goggle eyed spiders

Its Tuesday and we are putting some creatures on the forest floor of our rainforest. Ant, Fungi and spider stickers. N colours in a paper cut out of a Capybara and we craft a spider for the rainforest floor too. N liked it so much she made her dad a yellow one for his office.

In the afternoon we are both upstairs reading and N comes down to find her rainforest spider in pieces on the floor. Pepper has been very naughty. N gets very annoyed about it and Pepper goes outside to sunbathe.

Its N's penultimate gymnastics lesson of the summer and we go through the normal process of trying to get ready in time, get out to the car and my key won't fit in the lock. I pull out my key to inspect it close up - its bent?? I used the car last night and it was fine. Very bizarre and annoying. Its too late to walk so we stay at home instead.

A new chicken - that's very quiet

Sunday morning we went off to the car boot sale and I came home with this chicken to put the eggs in, it reminds me of growing up, we used to have something similar to this.

N bough two Bratz Ponyz with her pocket money, and came home and styled their hair. In the afternoon we had a surprise visit from A - Hubbys brother in law who lives in Bristol, he had been in the area visiting his family and popped in. M drove over as well to pick up the tent, he is camping with his girlfriend and friends in the New Forest this week. We had a take away in the evening and that was delicious, although I think I ate too much as I felt a little ill.

It's Monday and its time to add some more to our rainforest wall - trees in the understory and the canopy areas. We had a knock on the door in the evening from the neighbour - one of the chickens was trying to make an escape. Miss Cluck was perched on top of the 6 foot fence. Luckily - thanks to the neighbour - we arrived in time to lift her down, hopefully she won't try it again.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Its Saturday and Oxford Downs CC have their first win!

N woke up this morning and revised her birthday present list, this has been getting daily revisions, which is quite good as we are now down to 1 page of notepaper instead of 3! We took Pepper down the park, Sophie the German Shepherd was sick and Pepper ate it, I thought I was going to throw up after that. uggghh! My new book to read - The Help was delivered and I happily read the first 4 chapters over the course of the day. I enjoy stories like this but I get upset and angry by injustice so there may be tears ahead!
N played in her room styling her pony head's hair.

I decided it was time to give in and tidy out the spare room and landing. It was getting quite depressing - as soon as you got half way up the stairs all you could see was stuff piled and chucked everywhere. But with N helping me we had it tidy and up in the loft or in the charity bag in no time. Of course once that was all tidy I had no option but to tidy *spit* my own bedroom - seems like too much housework all in one day!!

Early evening we went off to the cricket club, Hubby was playing at home against M his son. When they played against each other at the start of the season - M's team won so Hubby was trying hard to win today! N and E (M's girlfriend) passed the time with gymnastics.

and more gymnastics!

I love this photo, we found it very funny that a giant dog was trying to get in on the picture! The evening ended with Hubby's team winning. At least one of the Woods men went home happy!

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Evening at the meadow

After N's friend had gone home we took Pepper down the meadow. It's so beautiful down there early evening. N was taking photos for an RSPB Nature Diary Competition and doing gymnastics of course.

Friday, 16 July 2010

The Rainforest project is well and truly started

I finished Eclipse last night and went to bed feeling a little bit empty - I suppose a bit like N has been feeling as we have both finished the books we have been enjoying so much. I consoled myself today by watching the Eclipse trailer on You Tube and pre-ordering the paperback copy of Breaking Dawn, which should arrive late August.
Much to N's delight there was Bramble, Bracken, Sophie and Lottie at the park this morning when we took Pepper down, although Bramble is her favourite of course. N threw the ball for her and gave her lots of fuss - inbetween cartwheels and handstands. Sometimes N will combine running for the dogs ball and cartwheels into one!
We came home and started preparing for our Rainforest Wall. N painted some habitat labels, cut out a sun, and brown paper for the forest floor and stuck it all on the wall. Over the weekend we will try and get some leaves and trees on there too. She enjoyed using the stencils that came with a rainforest book I bought. While we were doing all this she had the idea of making a book for her Build a Bear and attaching some elastic so the bear can hold it. She made two, one for her friend too.
She is now in the living room watching Wendy Woo, to pass the time before we go and collect her friend (from gymnastics), as she is coming to play and stay for tea.

Niamh couldn't tear herself away from the computer

N was straight on the computer this morning as soon as she woke up to work some more on her blogger page.

Then there was just enough time to give Pepper a cuddle before getting dressed to take her for a walk. We met Bramble, Bailey and Bracken at the Park, Pepper had loads of fun playing and so did N. N likes Bramble very much.
Back home and N was dressing up her Build a Bears.
After all the rain the chickens enclosure stinks!! Snow White has the right idea trying to get as high up as possible for some fresh air!
N was back on the computer reading reviews for all of the things she is interested in.
This afternoon N was off to Streetdance, she has a show next week, I am looking forward to that!
N is feeling a little lost now she has finished Jane Blonde and for the second night in a row she has gone upstairs for 'reading time' totally uninspired - not knowing what to read. This happens occasionally, she normally ends up reading a couple of books she has read before and really enjoyed and then feels inspired to try something new.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Tuesday was 'Meyer' Day and Wednesday in The Forest

Okay so my copy of Eclipse was delivered on Tuesday - Oh joy for Amazon Prime! By the afternoon I was half way through the book already!

N wrote about Build a Bear on the computer, completed some maths, and went off to Gymnastics in the afternoon.

This is what I did Tuesday night........

mmm.. very nice evening thanks.

This is what N did Tuesday night..... until gone 11.00pm......

Yep she was finishing the final book in the Jane Blonde series.

Hubby came home late still with sunglasses in full working order but he had been told off over a loudspeaker on a garage forecourt for using his mobile phone!

N woke up this morning tired (from the late night) and a little bit fed up that she has read all of the Jane Blonde books, and there isn't any more left to read.

We went off to see my mum in the forest of dean today.

I finally gave in on the way home and said that N could change her website from Mr Site to Blogger, so she was straight on the computer when we got home starting to set up her site at -

I'm off to watch last nights and tonights episode of Big Brother with a glass of wine.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Busy Monday

N's hair was curly this morning yippee! We were supposed to be going down to the Forest of Dean today to see Grandma, but she had called to say the weather was going to be too hot down there and she didn't want us travelling with the dog.

So we decided to go to the Cotswold Wildlife Park this morning for a couple of hours.

Here is a picture of N and Peps on the train.

We went into town this afternoon and picked up a few dvds from the Blockbuster Bargain bins, Shorts, Aliens in the Attic and New Moon (well I have to see if it is as good as the book don't I?!!). We watched Shorts when we got back.

Hubby managed another day without breaking his new sunglasses, thats 2 days now and I'm keeping count!


The birthday party on Saturday afternoon was excellent, lots of fun was had by all. The sunshine was great - I struggled my way through the face painting (i didn't do too badly, I mean you could tell who was a pirate and who was a butterfly!!) and N painted tattoos on peoples arms.

N won the musical statues contest and was very happy with herself, after all of the children had gone home apart from close family and us, a huge water fight descended. I brought N home in my friends top - makeshift dress- we were all very satisfied, even Peps as she had spent 6 hours with my friends dog Mila.

Within minutes of being through the door, New Moon was back in my hands again while I cooked some sausages (gluten free and normal) for supper. The book was only put down for Big Brother, and partially for MisFits, although I had to hide behind it at some parts as it was a bit gory - but very funny.

Hubby had come home distraught at losing at cricket, he did cheer up at the arrival of two new pairs of sunglasses. These are his 7th and 8th pairs of sunglasses this year as he keeps breaking them, if he can't manage to break his own glasses he will sit on someone elses.

Sunday morning Hubby was picked up at 7.30am for an Oxfordshire game and N and I stayed in bed until after 8.00 of course. We took Peps to the park and then went to the car boot sale, which was disappointing as there was hardly anyone there. We came home, New Moon was straight back in my hands of course and N wrote in her new note book she had bought. She played on the computer, we played hairdressers, we had a water fight, we read about 4 chapters of Jane Blonde together in the conservatory and we played a made up game using some parts from an old board game and N's dog top trumps. I plaited N's hair after she was out of the bath, so it should be curly.

Hubby came home from cricket with sunglasses still intact - result.

N went up to bed to finish her Jane Blonde book and I sat downstairs finishing New Moon. (okay it only took 3 days to read).

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Not a great start to the morning!

Okay, so I finished Twilight within a matter of days and started to read New Moon last night. I haven't seen the film so I have no idea what is going to happen. I started on chapter 3 this morning, during breakfast, while I was running the shower and was still trying to read it whilst getting dry - skills! Its so sad I was sobbing my heart out, not sure what was worse the water dripping from my wet hair or the tears streaming down my face. What a depressing start to the morning, never mind we have a birthday party to go to this afternoon. I'm in charge of face painting!

It still hasn't put me off reading the book, it must get happier soon!!

Friday, 9 July 2010

Stitches out and a crafty afternoon

Peps was off to the vets this morning to have her stitches out, everything has healed very well. We celebrated with trip down the park and Peps found 2 labradors and a terrier to play with, she was very happy.

N was into making things this afternoon she finally opened her decorate a mirror kit she has had for about 2 years and she 'scratched' two scratch a doodles. Next on her list was patchwork, shes aiming to make a blanket.

My step son was having the time of his life today, he had been invited to bowl at the England cricket team while they trained.

This evening we took Peps around the meadow, surely the most beautiful part of the day - still bright and sunny but breezy too.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

The unit finally arrived!!!!

Well a smile appeared on my face yesterday when the tray storage unit finally arrived. I had been looking forward to it so much as the home school area was such a mess. Unfortunately it took about 6 man hours to fill it and sort everything out. Half way through I lost vision and felt I had to wait until my husband had finished work so he could organise me, after all we work better as a team.

So there it is in all its glory totally full - lets not get anything else until we have used something!!

N went to play with a friend during the day and on the car journey home she announced "mum, I know there is no such thing as the tooth fairy" - apparently her friend had caught her mum in the act! N couldn't believe it had been me filling out the questionnaires she left for the tooth fairy each time. Which brought N around to the subject of Santa. A topic she is relentless on when it is in her mind. Hubby and I have known that the time of her still believing was fast running out. She just asks so many questions about everything, trying to analyse how it could all be possible, and you guessed it - leaving questionnaires for Santa to find out the info perhaps nobody else has been able to get. I said I would talk to her about it when we got home. We had a chat and N was very upset about the "dream" being over, but said she thought it was "right" to know the truth.

Peps is off to the vets tomorrow for stitches out and then hopefully if the vet says it's okay we can take her for a good run around. We have all missed it.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Car boot sale, Centre MK and LEA visit

Well the car boot sale went really well N sold most of her toys and made nearly £90. She did spend about £4 while she was there though! She came home with 10 new books, 2 riding games and 2 new teddies. She was eager to spend her cash and I gave in to taking her into Dentons in the afternoon for her to get some Ocean and Jungle in my pockets'.

We played Monopoly but made sure we agreed at the start of the game we would only play for an hour. N understands the concept of streets in London in the game more now as we went to London so much last year. Piccadilly and Regent street are her favourite at the moment naturally.

I spent about 6 hours reading Deception Point to the end, - in between "mum" (which happens every 5 mins) and preparing food. It was worth it though the story is so exciting.

Yesterday we went off to Milton Keynes as Hubby had the afternoon and evening off and that won't happen again in a hurry, so I thought I better make the most of the dog sitting availability. N was desperate to get to Build a Bear Workshop and talked of nothing else for the 1 hr and 15mins journey there. She bought 4 new bears and talked of nothing else for the journey back!!

When i got home Hubby had cleaned the bathroom floor, the bathroom cupboards (i haven't done the cupboards since we moved in!), and the garage door. Wonderful.

Swan came this afternoon to visit N and look at her work and have a chat. Peps jumped up a lot! N took great pleasure in showing Swan her artwork and her books and having someone who will listen to her talk. (we all know N talks a lot!!) Swan gave us the report from last year and we are all pleased with it. N gets very excited at the fact someone thinks she is doing well. Also it makes me feel good too!!

I started reading Twilight (I picked it up at the car boot) I have seen the film and I have to say the book is written really well. You don't want to put it down. So thats me sorted for the afternoon and evening! I might stop for Big Brother!

I casually asked hubby when his next day off is - he said Sunday the 4th August. Nobody should work every day for a month - should they?

The house is a total state waiting for the unit to be delivered tomorrow (I'm still excited about that!) and I am still puzzled at what to do about getting a new camera. N is off to gymnastics this afternoon and we have got pizza for tea, that's making my mouth water already!

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Meal out and what we are looking forward to this week.

N went to a friend from gymnastics' house to play and have tea yesterday and came home just in time to see me before I went out on the Homeschool evening out. I had a great time but did wake up at 3.00am with a bit of a thick head. I felt much better after a pint of orange squash.

We packed up the car today with all of our unwanted stuff ready for a car boot sale tomorrow. This will be N's highlight of the week, she is really looking forward to it. Hubby and I have been looking forward to it for weeks as well as most of the stuff has been piled high in our bedroom and one side of the bed and several clothes drawers have been totally inaccessible.

I can't wait for Wednesday I am having 2 new drawer storage units delivered for all of our homeschool stuff. I am so looking forward to getting everything sorted out and trying (fingers crossed) to get things a bit tidier. N will be able to find everything a lot easier and should be able to get the things out she wants without having to wait for me to get it out for her. The other advantage is that it makes us have a serious look at what we have got and maybe decide that we don't need some of it. I am always putting old boxes and cartons and cardboard aside -just in case- and it takes up so much room.

Lastly I can't wait for Friday to come around so Peps can have her stitches out and life can get back to normal (us being outside a lot and out and about) as opposed to being stuck indoors.

Friday, 2 July 2010

Vet Check-up

I spent yesterday feeling so tired and just randomly falling asleep around the house while N played on the computer. I didn't want to do anything. Thankfully Peps has been good with her stitches and so didn't have to go to sleep with the cone on, which meant I could get a better nights sleep. (she still woke me up at 2.00am and 5.00am though!)

I asked hubby for help choosing my next tattoo (he really is not into tattoos) as I can't choose as there is so many I like. Plus the colour ones I want I am supposed to be losing 2 stone to get and I still have a stone to go - and I don't want to cheat. However my friend wants me to go with her to get her first tattoo and obviously I would like to get one at the same time. But getting back to the point - Hubby shocked me with - "why don't you get barbed wire or ivy around your wrist"?!! I think I have settled with a Darwin tree of life sketch on my finger.

We took Peps to the vet this morning for a check up. She was excited to get inside so thats good - the operation hasn't put her off! She hasn't had any exercise now since Monday and she is full of energy, running and jumping all over the place. The vet said she was okay and healing nicely, but make sure she gets some rest??? are you kidding?

N was out in the garden last night taking photos of insects when she dropped the camera. The only thing it can take now is close-ups. Great. I hate choosing a new camera, there is too much choice and I am not good with choosing gadgets. I have been wanting an SLR for a long time so this is a good time to get one, its just they cost so much money.

I am looking forward to the HE meal tonight at Raj -mmmmmmm I love curry!

Swan from the LEA rang this morning to arrange to come and see N next week on Tuesday. N was excited about Swan coming, I think she even jumped up and down. I did politely warn Swan that Peps might be a little over friendly!