Monday, 30 August 2010

Party of the year (well so far anyway!!)

I am not sure who had the most fun with the Zhu Zhu pet fun house - N or Pepper!!

Group hug with the new build a bear

Thursday, 26 August 2010

finally the dog chewed carpet is gone!

This week we finally had the laminate fitted to replace the chewed and ripped, well thoroughly destroyed living room carpet.....
I think the living room actually looks better now, well for a while anyway!

This is Dazey, N's favourite dog, N took this picture when we met the at the park.

This is Rolo, Pepper loves playing with him.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Pottery Party

Monday afternoon was time for the pottery party at Daisyroots, the adults almost outnumbered the kids!!.......
Here's Hubby; "Now how do I spell........"

Here's L painting her Campervan, groovy baby......

Here's J admiring her masterpiece.......

You can always count on N to be posing........


The Moss family minus 1, where is he?............

Afterwards it was off to MacDonalds.......................

Anyone for Ice Cream....................

Hubby must be telling one of his 'funny' jokes!

Hilarious masks - well you had to be there!

Sunday was great M, L and E came over. We managed to get some photos taken (v late fathers day present) to put on canvass for the living room. They came out really nice. The charity shop special - Disney Scene It got a play again aswell. N got out the temporary tattoos, everyone had at least one except for her brother.....

In the evening we had a delicious take away and LOADS of food was eaten! N got out her masks that she has coloured in, everyone put them on belly laughed for ages - once they start they can't stop

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

not such a bargain after all

Yesterday we popped into town to the 99p shop, mainly to get a pressie for Rolo, one of the dogs we walk with - as its his birthday this week. Obviously we were tempted by all the bargains they had. We picked up a few things to make for N to do. We were very pleased with ourselves.

Over dinner last night even Hubby commented on this.....

..... and how cool it looked. This morning, before starting our work I thought I would investigate as it could be something we could do before N's friend arrived this afternoon. Guess what yep that's it the box is empty. We have paid 99p for a box. I mean i know it says make your own but I didn't realise how literal that was!!

N put a smile on my face though, after we had completed some maths and English she said "I'm enjoying maths, I think it is my favourite at the moment" quickly followed by "but only when I do it in this purple book" - thanks WH SMITH for inspiring my young'un!

Monday, 16 August 2010

A visitor came to stay & more on the rainforest wall

M came over for the day just before he was off to Cornwall, we were all pleased to see him, Peps included (notice awful carpet in this picture?!!)
Hubby's cousin's daughter is over from Japan this summer and she went to watch Fame at the theatre with N a couple of weeks ago. She stayed with us for one night last week. The girls had lots of fun together. E taught N some card games she didn't know, N was totally hooked! Here they are playing songs on the bells, (i joined in of course!).

After E had gone we did some more little bits for our rainforest wall;

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Non-Stop 9 days and our naughty dog!

Last Monday N had her friend from gymnastics to play and stay for tea. Tuesday we picked up L to stay for a few days. Yippeeee

Here she is - she doesn't like looking at the camera.
Hubby gave her his best Bare Necessities rendition...... no really he only had to do the eee ooo while N sang the rest and he still got it wrong!!! V funny
We dyed N's hair.
We dyed L's hair purple underneath at the back.

I came downstairs the day after L had gone home to find Peps had chewed the middle of the sitting room carpet that is only 3 months old. Over the last few nights she has continued to rip at it and the hole is taking up a large part of the room. We had the carpet fitter around to measure up for laminate - not making the same mistake again!!- only to find peps had done a large wee on the carpet just before he got there. Can it get worse?? Yes N did a cartwheel and her foot hit the patch and wee sprayed up. Nice.

But I still love them!
For the last two days N has been on a dance course in Kidlington, they are putting on a show tomorrow.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Lovely Sunday

We had a lovely day yesterday, we met up with N's cousins to walk the dogs together.

Then we had Hubby's parents over for dinner in the evening. N & I haven't seen them for two months, so that was nice to catch up.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

A prickly visitor

Thursday night I was going outside to take the recycling out and I heard something moving by the garage door. For about two seconds I was a bit nervous then I pulled myself together and turned on the light. This is what I found.

I put some milk out and the hedgehog had a drink!

Friday was really our catch-up day as N had been at the music course all week we had not done any work at home. We did maths and English in the morning and then N did the first couple of pages for the Rainforest book.

Saturday morning and after playing at the park with the regular dogs we drove down to see Grandma. N was invited over to my cousins house to play in the paddling pool so that was nice. Saturday evening we were off to Hubbys cricket club. They have a new play area there and N was enjoying playing on that. I was getting cold as the sun was going down, so I came home and shampooed the carpets, with the new carpet washer. Enough hair came out of my carpet to give a chihuahua a wig! N stayed with her Daddy at the club and came home with him.