Saturday, 26 November 2011

Sledging, Ice Slides and Xmas Lights

Yesterday morning we went along to Xscape (indoor snow slopes) in Milton Keynes, after the initial stress of getting up early, realising I had forgotten my wellies, turning around and coming back to pick them up, finding our way there (putting all my faith in hubby's sat nav), finding a helmet that actually fitted each of us, (we must both have extra large heads), we had a really fun time.

The first couple of goes down the slope on the little plastic sledges were a bit scary, I seemed to be picking up top speed, and screaming louder than the kids.The travelator to get you up the slope seemed even more dangerous, especially when you had to get off it at the top, but we managed the session without any breakages! The ice slides seemed much safer, wedging yourself in a huge rubber ring before being pushed down the ice slide.

N wants to go back for her birthday she enjoyed it so much.

 Last night we walked into Witney for the Xmas Light Switch On, there were literally hundreds of people wedged into the market square. N was very annoyed that moments before David Cameron came on stage to switch on the lights - someone with a child on their shoulders pushed in front of her and she couldn't see a thing. She made sure she moaned about it loud enough for them to be totally aware of her disapppointment!
 Never mind, there were reindeer
 an ice sculpture,
an Elvis impersonator with a gospel choir singing slightly Bollywood, Caledonian bagpipe players and lots of lights.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Making Chutney at Cogges

We met up at Cogges today for a chutney making session over a campfire!

The children set about collecting and chopping wood for the fire, lighting the fire, peeling and chopping the vegetables and.....
 making spice bags - N donated hers to the chutney

 Each child had a jar of chutney to take home
the end of life for N's spice bag!!

We all had a lovely day, considering we are near the end of November the weather was very kind, and we agreed that the Outdoor Learning sessions at Cogges had been one of the highlights of 2011 and we hope we will be given the opportunity for something similar in 2012.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Passing on a love of Twilight

Now, I am not afraid to admit that I adore the Twilight Saga books by Stephenie Meyer. There have been many times where I have realised I'm an hour late making dinner (much to N's disgust), because I've had my head stuck in one of the books.

I have been saying for while now that N is at the stage where she could read the first three books - Breaking Dawn is a little too graphic for a 10 year old! So yesterday I passed over my much loved (I bought it 2nd hand and I've read it twice!) copy of Twilight to N. She started reading it at 9.30pm last night and finished it at 3.30pm today, with 434 pages that is pretty good going. Needless to say she loved it. I think it hurt to put it down long enough to get washed and dressed and eat!

She gave herself a 10 minute break before she delved into New Moon. Bless, perhaps vampire love is genetic.

I managed to coax her away from New Moon and out of her room for dinner this evening, although it was to watch the Twilight movie. She reminded me of myself watching the film after reading the book and criticising what was missing or changed!

N always loves watching the bonus features on dvd's; finding out how the film was cast, how the wardrobe was chosen, which scenes were cut etc, so of course we had to watch the extra documentaries this evening too. I hope Stephenie Meyer's own story inspires N, after all it was the first book she had ever written.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

AWOL for a month!

I cant believe how quickly the last month has flown by. I keep meaning to catch up on the blog, but the longer you leave it the more you time you have to find as you have so much to say. It has been so long now i struggle to remember most of it!

Aside from chasing balls, this is what the dogs have been doing........

 We have been throwing ourselves into English and Maths and had the wonderful lightbulb moment last week when N really understood division and the fact that she can work the sums out quite easily when she wants to.

We had National Schools Film Week and N went to the cinema for free to watch Rio and Cars 2. N spent a week at a Creation Theatre workshop 'put on a play in a week', she had a fabulous time and the play was truly wonderful. She has been to two birthday parties and had her own Halloween party.

We went along to a 'Whodunnit' crime solving workshop at Science Oxford and N had first prize for solving the crime first.

We've been along to card club with N's Nanny and we made a coach load of christmas cards. N has been practising the piano on her own, as we can't afford to restart the piano lessons at the moment.

N did a little mini project on Helen Keller, we subscribe to  the School Express free themed workbook a week. They are not always age appropriate but I tend to save the ones that I think would interest N.

The binoculars are out along with the bird spotters guide, now that most of the leaves have fallen from the trees at the back of the garden. We even took the binoculars to Blenheim Palace this afternoon.

We went along to see their winter wonderland display.....

 I was shouted at as I stupidly photographed the christmas trees inside the palace - oops naughty me - no cameras allowed. The display inside was actually enough to get me in the christmas spirit though, it was all white and sparkly.

Niamh had fun outside as usual rolling down the moat.

We came home and N made some dough for home-made pizzas.