Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Conehead & the alien 'Splot'

I watched the last episode of Vampire Diaries last night, such a good program not sure what I will watch now - oh yeah daily fillings of BB of course! I figure I had about 3 hours sleep on and off last night. I slept downstairs on the sofa as Peps was not too chirpy after her operation. She hadn't been to the toilet and she was whimpering (I couldn't give her any pain relief until this morning) so I thought I hadn't better leave her. I had to sleep with one ear open in case I heard her licking her wounds. N was having a sleepover at a friends, so at least I didn't have to worry about her.

I had to wait until I collected N this morning before I could put the cone on Peps, I tried on my own its impossible. Here she is - you can just about see the stitches on her tum. She is actually being a really good girl with it, only getting frustrated now and again when she can't scratch her ears!

I finally managed to get N to watch Finding Nemo this afternoon, after years of being terrified of it. She really enjoyed it and so did I although not sure how I kept my eyes open - in fact no I am sure I did close them every now and then! Well I have to try and catch up on my sleep sometime.

When N said this afternoon "mummy I want to do sewing now" inside i squirmed. Sewing can cause an argument in this house on the best of days, basically because neither of us know what we are doing and we get annoyed about it. I was thinking please, no, neither of us has had much sleep this will end in disaster. Thankfully N didn't want to make a complicated piece of clothing, she was satisfied with a felt alien - which she named splot. disaster averted.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Top Trumps and our trip to town

After the whole "painting episode" had cooled down and N had played on the laptop for what seemed like hours, we did our little maths session, N has been surprising herself by actually enjoying it, she occasionally blurts out "that was good" or "ooh I enjoyed that" then realises she should be continuing with her theme of I hate maths and goes back to that! Whilst cooking tea we decided to have a few games of Top Trumps.

N bought down a selection of her many Top Trumps packs. She Ibble Bibbled (to see which pack to use first) - I think she knows the cheat on this because 'The Dog' pack always wins. Another thing is - why do I never win at Top Trumps - clearly a skill I don't possess.

This was the face that met me this morning when N realised I had taken Peps to the vet before she woke up. I think my response sounded like "well if you didn't stay up till midnight again reading your books you might have been awake!" I don't want to tell her to stop reading for hours because she loves it and its great she wants to, I just wish she wasn't such a grump the next morning.

We consoled ourselves with a couple of games of Mall Madness - have to say I love this game - strategy, maths and shopping altogether!!

I just wish it wasn't in dollars.

My 'Sarah time' didn't go according to plan, as N's friend asked N to sleepover tonight instead of just playing in the day. N wanted to stay with me until Peps got back from the vet. I decided not to let that stop me getting into to town and out for lunch so N came with me, we cruised the library, charity shops and new look like only we can and went for lunch at Frankie & Bennys. Its nice to be able to go out for a few hours without worrying about Peps. Gosh it seems like we have had her forever. Even when out for 'lunch' it doesn't stop N insect spotting - she found these from the comfort of our table........

a moth and a ladybird hatching from pupae...

she was most annoyed to find the moth still alive and therefore not eligible for her dead insect collection.

And so we headed back to the car laden with clothes, 15 charity shop books, 3 library books, 2 colouring boards and a dog bed.

Monday, 28 June 2010

"But I don't know what to paint"

Well we had a lovely walk twice around the meadows last night and Peps had a good swim. It seems every time I take her there she does something new. Last night she jumped in the water from the bank for the first time, normally she finds a shallow place to walk into the water.

Here is a picture of Niamh and her friend throwing sticks into the river for Pepper to retrieve.

N stayed up until nearly midnight last night reading "Folk of the Faraway Tree" and "A.N.T.I.D.O.T.E", she did manage to have a sleep-in until 9.45am but is still tired after probably 2 weeks of these 3 hour reading sessions every night. Unfortunately her tiredness started to show this morning when we went out into the garden to paint. What followed can only be described as 10 minutes of high-pitch screaming only pausing to shout "I don't know what to paint". Oh dear it clearly was the end of the world for Niamh at that moment. I did what I do best at these times and left the garden very quickly (it didn't seem as loud in the kitchen). When I went back to the garden N had painted a very sweet picture of a mermaid. Sometimes you just have to let her shout it out. Its true to say she puts 100% into her emotions be they happy, sad or angry!. N is off to play at a friends tomorrow during the day and I am very much looking forward to a few hours of "Sarah" time (Peps will be at the vets) I hardly ever get that, and guess what I won't be doing any housework! My house will have to stay messy for a few days longer. Just where does all that dust come from anyway.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

New blog site

I have started this new blog site, moving mine from friends reunited. How did I come up with the website address??!!mm well basically because I have no time for housework (which is good as its my least favourite thing!) I am going to use it to keep a record of our homeschooling and our family adventures. Hopefully someone will enjoy reading it! Niamh has a friend to play today so have been enjoying the sunshine, laundry (actually that is housework!), spending far too much time on the laptop and reading Deception Point by Dan Brown. It's so hot we haven't taken Pepper out for a walk today yet we will do a couple of laps of the meadow after dinner and Peps can have a good swim in the river. Hopefully avoiding any passing OAP's with her wet paws. She needs to make the most of it as she is being spayed on Tuesday and will have to be kept on the lead for a while and away from the water she loves so much.