Tuesday, 24 January 2012

First post of the year (shame on me)

I can't believe that I haven't sat down to write a post since mid-December. It is true that Christmas rushes by as a blur of parties and merriment.

N has a new blog at http://www.quirkygirlfromjupiter.blogspot.com/

Early January we decided to create a Wishing Wall (inspired by the pinterest at Winding Circle). Each of us (moi, hubby, M and his girlfriend E, L and N) wrote down our wishes for 2012. Things we would like to do, achieve, see or experience. Once a wish has been completed then the wish is taken from the wall. I wonder how many will still be there in December!

We have been to Egypt on holiday for 11 days of (in theory) sunshine! N had a great time at the water park going down all of the slides, she didn't quite achieve her goal of going down all 32 in one day though! N took 6 books on holiday with her and by the 4th day had read them all! I had taken Harry Potter and the Philosphers Stone with me, (I had bought it from a charity shop ages ago for N, but she always refused to read it as she was too scared) anyway I managed to convince N to read it once I had finished it and she loved it so much she read it in a day. N is now a converted Harry Potter fan, so we settled down together as a family and watched the film this evening.

Tomorrow is the official start of us 'getting back into the swing' of things. N is off to an Olympic Games workshop at The Ashmolean in Oxford, which should be really good and had me scouring the shelves in the homeschool room....."I'm sure I bought a couple of Olympic Games books from a charity shop years ago".....If only I was as organised as Hubby, it would all be alphabetised!

Speaking of organisation, this is the state of the homeschool room after 6 weeks of parties and holidays. Oh dear a little too much seating and not enough workspace me thinks.