Tuesday, 24 January 2012

First post of the year (shame on me)

I can't believe that I haven't sat down to write a post since mid-December. It is true that Christmas rushes by as a blur of parties and merriment.

N has a new blog at http://www.quirkygirlfromjupiter.blogspot.com/

Early January we decided to create a Wishing Wall (inspired by the pinterest at Winding Circle). Each of us (moi, hubby, M and his girlfriend E, L and N) wrote down our wishes for 2012. Things we would like to do, achieve, see or experience. Once a wish has been completed then the wish is taken from the wall. I wonder how many will still be there in December!

We have been to Egypt on holiday for 11 days of (in theory) sunshine! N had a great time at the water park going down all of the slides, she didn't quite achieve her goal of going down all 32 in one day though! N took 6 books on holiday with her and by the 4th day had read them all! I had taken Harry Potter and the Philosphers Stone with me, (I had bought it from a charity shop ages ago for N, but she always refused to read it as she was too scared) anyway I managed to convince N to read it once I had finished it and she loved it so much she read it in a day. N is now a converted Harry Potter fan, so we settled down together as a family and watched the film this evening.

Tomorrow is the official start of us 'getting back into the swing' of things. N is off to an Olympic Games workshop at The Ashmolean in Oxford, which should be really good and had me scouring the shelves in the homeschool room....."I'm sure I bought a couple of Olympic Games books from a charity shop years ago".....If only I was as organised as Hubby, it would all be alphabetised!

Speaking of organisation, this is the state of the homeschool room after 6 weeks of parties and holidays. Oh dear a little too much seating and not enough workspace me thinks.


  1. I love "Not to get stressed!" on your wish wall. Good luck with that! It's a really good idea though - think I might steal it!

  2. Ahhh yes, that was hubby's, he is doing okay so far!! I tried to go for things I might actually be able to achieve!!

  3. How wonderful to ahve some time in Egypt, so much history and culture (and fun by the sounds!) We are HUGE harry fans here too, some of us too a while to warm to it, some of us were there straight away! Good luck with your 2012 wishlist.We are still plugging away at ours!