Saturday, 4 February 2012

first wish completed & M moves in.....

I haven't posted recently, we have been so busy.

N decided she wanted to buy herself a double bed, and set about sorting out mountains of things in her room that could be sold on Ebay in order to pay for it. The last 10 days we have been drowing in a sea of parcels to send off, yes we made the mistake of listing 70 items all at once. It seems like a good idea at the time until all the listings finish on the same day and need sending off!

All of this means that N was the first person to complete a wish on the wishing wall.

M (N's 20 year old brother) has moved in with us this week and we are all really excited about it, M & Hubby have worked really hard to get all of his belongings squeezed into a VERY small bedroom, but it does help that he is super tidy!!

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