Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Our first March post

I can't believe how quickly the time is passing, although I do feel like I am always saying that so I should be used to it by now. Still I haven't found the time to post since Pancake Day!

We feel like we have been really busy......

most of N's time during the day has been spent tidying and re-arranging her room. Here is how it looks at the moment - super tidy bookshelf....
 N - very proud of her tidy room
 super tidy surfaces - every thing is strategically placed....
 N has also been spending hours reading, at the moment she likes Louise Rennison
 and Marailyn Kaye.  N does most of her reading to herself but we decided to make a concious effort to share a book together, which mainly consists of N reading it aloud to me - she does let me have a go sometimes! Anyway I have really enjoyed it. It is definitely something I have missed now N is such an independent reader. So far in the last 2 weeks we have read
The Worst Thing About My Sister by Jacqueline Wilson
Better Late Than Never (Gifted Series) by Marilyn Kaye
 at the moment we are reading The Raspberry Rules by Karen McCombie.

N had a particularly emotional few days last week, and she was feeling very sad about having Aspergers. Bless her she really is remarkable how she has just accepted it all but it must be hard having already lived almost 10 years before finding out you have the syndrome. Anyway I decided to cheer her up by going to watch.....
The Muppets at the cinema. It has been out a long time now so I felt fairly comfortable that it wouldn't be too busy for her. Anyway she loved it and we were both giggling in the cinema. N kept checking to make sure I wasn't crying at the sad bits!
We have also started to decorate the kitchen - which has got as far as N painting the contents of a tester pot on the wall! We really must finish it off, lets face it, it can't possibly take long to paint such a small room!
 After Maths and English this morning we decided to play cards. I left N to set the game up and came back in the room to be greeted with this......
 "We are playing a game with every single one, Mum" she said!! We didn't get through them all before lunch, but these were my new favourite. N had bought them for 99p from the clearance shelf in Waterstones the last time we went to the Ashmolean Museum, and we hadn't had a chance to play with them yet. They are a must for any Jacqueline Wilson fan!
We have been trying to use this......
 three times a day. It's the brush that the occupational therapist gave us to help with N's Sensory Processing Disorder. We have to brush it down her arms and do pressure massages on her head, shoulders, elbows and wrists. I've had to set an alarm on my ipod to remind me to do it, morning, afternoon and evening, but hopefully it will help her.
Lastly, this is Ralph's new haircut for the warmer weather.

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