Saturday, 14 April 2012

A trip to London : Tate Modern

First of all I feel I must start with a general catch-up. Only two posts in the last two months.
This is down to the fact that:
N has been permanently tied to the laptop and only leaves it to go play out with her friends who are on Easter break!
I don't have a car at the moment and this has restricted our whereabouts.
We have been decorating again....

 Eating chocolate....
 N has been on two activity days with Autism Family Support which she thoroughly enjoyed; a games day at The Mish and ten pin bowling at the Kassam stadium (where she unfortunately left her bag on the bus but we won't go into that). Hubby and I spent 6 weeks agonising over the completion of N's disability living allowance form - filling that beast out was draining.
We lost one of our guinea pigs:(
We've had some great weather so we have been pottering about in the garden and trying to make the most of it. Me wearing shorts in March?? fabby.

Today we were off to London. Hubby had an interview for Cricket Without Boundaries....
 This is his nervous look. He's hoping to go to Botswana next year for two weeks to coach cricket and raise HIV and Aids awareness.
We dropped him off here........
 and went along to the Tate Modern....   ta daaaaaaa
 we saw a picasso
 and the less exciting Richard Wentworth (sorry to any of Richard's fans but seriously it's two chairs stacked with two balls hanging off them)
 I was super excited to see the Damien Hirst exhibit. We weren't allowed to take pictures inside as I was informed when I got caught taking a few. So here are a three I managed to download from the internet......

 Lovely, and something I am so glad N and I experienced.

Not to be forgotten is the slide that plays violin sounds as you go down. 
 After Hubby had finished his interview we met up for some well earned food....
 After seeing 500 people with M&M shop bags we couldn't resist taking a look, if only for the photo opportunities alone. Lets face it - we can't afford to buy anything in there.
 Our trip home - yes you can sit next to Daddy, you've asked me 3 questions a minute all day and my brain needs a rest! Cue N doing the platform announcements for the whole journey Baker Street to Hillingdon.


  1. You guys alway seem to do sooo much! Do you have plans for when N goes into school? xxx

  2. Looks like a super fun day out! x